2nd Edition of the Nashville Black Business Coupon Book to be released

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — One Black business owner in Nashville is helping dozens of others by creating a coupon book that will be released Thursday.

The 2nd Edition of the Nashville Black Business Coupon Book will be released with a party, and the creator aims to make this a yearly tradition to get the word out about businesses in the city.

People can find coupons for clothes,. candles, beauty supplies, food, and more. Almost 80 businesses are featured in the magazine-style coupon book.

Thomas Kelly, the Creative Executive Director of Creative Soulz Printing said the book will be released at a party at Kreate Hub at 309 Plus Park Boulevard from 6 to 9 p.m. There, people can get their copy and meet some of the featured businesses owners, try their products, and getting to taste their food and drinks.

This year the book is divided up into categories so people can go straight to finding which restaurant they want to try or boutique they want to shop in.

Kelly said the coupon book is a way to use his talents to support other small businesses.

“I know that I cannot grow if I’m not helping others along the way,” said Kelly. “And I just feel like, especially with Black businesses, we don’t have a lot of the resources and the support. So if we can branch together and form a community together then we’re going to be stronger in numbers when it comes to that.”

When the launch party starts you can also order the 2nd Edition of the Black Business Coupon Book online on Creative Soulz Printing’swebsite for about $25.

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