7 Rules for Bringing Your Dog to a Restaurant

Dog being pet by owner on restaurant patio

Photo: Page Light Studios (Shutterstock)

I know, this one seems impossible to believe, but I’ve met plenty of people who are terrified of dogs (and none of them were even postal service workers). Some people don’t want to be around dogs, even if yours is “super friendly and obedient, for real.” For the sake of those around you who are also paying for a fun night out, keep your dog leashed and secured near your seat while you’re eating and don’t go let them sniffing around other tables.

Preventing your dog from wandering is also a safety issue. If a server is bringing a heavy tray full of food to a table, they might not see an exploring pup underfoot; the extended leash could also form a sort of tripwire. Just avoid it by keeping your dog close.

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