Black Desert Calpheon Ball 2022 Recap: Calpheon Ball Thoughts, Reactions and Coupon Codes!

Another year, another exciting Calpheon Ball!

black desert It has always been one of the best MMOs when it comes to throwing candy at people, along with constantly updating the quality of life and ease of access. A completely different and better game from years ago. This Calpheon Ball solidifies that as we follow up with new content and updates, with two new classes on the horizon!

Firstly beauties!

Coupon Codes:


  • Additional J’s Hammer with version of J’s Hammer of Loyalty x1 + Maegu
  • Valks’ Advice (+150)
  • Cron Stone x2023
  • Weapon Exchange Coupon Box x1
  • Sub-weapon Exchange Coupon x1
  • [Event] Grateful Premium Outfit Box x1
  • [Event] Nostalgia Classic Box x1
  • Marni’s Unstable Fuel x500
  • Shining Shakatu’s Seal x20
  • [New] Radiant Seal of Shakatu x10
  • Urimok Furniture Set x1
  • Haso Teaware Prop Set x1
  • [Event] Promise Gift Box Key x1


  • [Event] Giovan Grolin’s Support Scroll x10
  • Sealed Book of Life / War (20 Days) x1
  • Golden Blessing of Agris Box x1
  • [Event] Rare Horse Racing Training Box x1
  • Item Gathering Increase Scroll x20

Both of these codes expire on February 28, 2023

Additionally, you will receive bonus login rewards from December 12 to January 18, 2023!

  • 1 day 500 Crowns Stone
  • 2 days 100 Crowns Stone
  • 3 days 100 Crowns Stone
  • 4 days 100 Crowns Stone
  • 5 days 100 Crowns Stone
  • 6 days 100 Crowns Stone
  • 7 days 500 Crowns Stone
  • Day 8 [Event] Mystical Artisan’s Memory Pack
  • Day 9 Breeding Reset (Female)
  • 10 days [Event] Artisan’s Memory x20
  • 11. Day Racehorse Aura x10
  • 12. Day Horse Breeding Reset (Male)
  • Day 13 Origin of Dark Hunger x5
  • 14. Day Origin of Dark Hunger x5

Now let’s get to the content!

New classes: Maegu and Woosa (definitely not a Bad Boys reference)

They are announced as the first twin classes to be released in Black Desert. Largely inspired by Korean folklore, Woosa will debut on PC and console first, while Maegu will be released on Mobile for now. Woosa looks like a Sorceress-like move with the ability to cast fast spells at both mid and close range. It looks extremely flashy, pretty fast and mobile, and even comes with an AP buff and DP debuff. I will definitely try it when it is released and it looks like everything I wanted Sorceress to be!

Next up, we have our new region, the Land of Morning Light. This region will be temporarily released in Korea in mid-February and later in other regions. This area is located in the extreme northern continent beyond the old Port of Ratt, now called Nampo Harbour. This area will work differently from others and will have “boss charge” monsters. Every boss you encounter will have detailed mechanics and will also have guild co-op versions. There will be eight of these bosses and can also be played solo.

Fallen God Gloves will also be released, adding a new one to this level’s armor collection. There isn’t much to add here as it will be a step up from the usual boss gloves. There will also be a new Crystal called Bonghwang’s Tear. (All AP+2, All Accuracy+3, All Damage Reduction+5, All Evasion+7, Max HP+75, Max MP/WP/SP+50, Max Stamina +50, Extra AP+2 vs. Monsters, Monster Damage Reduction+2, Extra All Special Attack Damage +0.5%, Special Attack Evasion Rate+0.5%, All Resist+2%, Ignore All Resist +2%, Combat/Skill Experience +30%, Item Drop Rate +% 5

That’s a lot of stats, wow. It will certainly be a BiS crystal, but the caveat is that you are only allowed to plug one into a dedicated socket.

After that a turn of the life quality updates:

  • Silver will now be family wide. No more sifting through alternatives!
  • Shakatu Seals will be overhauled to provide more satisfying rewards.
  • Crystal Presets will be available “coming soon” and will likely appear first in the Global Lab.
  • DP brackets will be looked into as the PA is not happy with how DP currently works in PvP.
  • Arena of Solare Season 2 will begin on December 28
  • There are plans to update the sea and sailing content with the Phereia Dreadnaught ship in the works.
  • Ability to open boxes while mounted
  • You will now be able to change characters and UI when the first character appears on your phone. account Reaches level 10 (finally!)
  • Multiple improvements will be made to guilds, including but not limited to rework contract payments and incentive payments.
  • The blink effect will be replaced as soon as your HP is low.

Calpheon Ball never stops hitting hard with upcoming content and new features. Black Desert is so good at doing this that it often surprises me that they keep doing it year after year. What is the feature that excites you the most?

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