Hotel McCoy hosts Arizona Art Fest, biggest Art Fest since pandemic

TUCSON, Ariz. (13 News) – Tucsonans headed down to Hotel McCoy to celebrate Arizona Art Fest, filled with vendors, art, food and more.

Hotel McCoy started Art Fest in 2019, and has been hosting artists and vendors ever since. However, this year is a little special. The pandemic forced the festival to reduce its size, but this is the first year the event is back in full swing.

With over 50 artists and 15 hotel rooms converted into displays and art spaces, visitors of art fest are immersed in an exciting, creative environment.

“Hotel McCoy has always been about bringing in the heartbeat and voice of the community into our business, so obviously as an art hotel, we feel art is a universal language,” said Nicole Dahl, creative director at Hotel McCoy.

“This festival is a way for the community to meet and support local artists.”

Artists have been prepping for Art Fest for quite some time. Several muralists have been sketching and painting for weeks and are showing off their skills with painting their murals live for everyone to see.

Artists like Christina Thomas say they enjoy being able to share their art with as many people as possible.

“Being able to bring an immersive live performance for people is even better, it just takes it to the next level,” she says. “It’s almost a healing energy with art, you know? So people can just come in and be immersed in my world that I create for them.”

The festival also helps artists get exposure, with the chance to not only get more clients, but to spread appreciation for art in every media.

“I haven’t even opened my room yet and I already have different people asking me for my card and everything. It’s just great to be out in the community, and get to connect with people,” Thomas said.

“Because as artists, we’re used to being hermits and creating all the time solo, so it’s so nice to get out and actually see people interact with the art.”

Art fest also helps out the vendors. Unlike some fairs and markets, vendors at Hotel McCoy don’t have to pay a vendor fee, which eases any financial stress and allows them to focus on their products and customers.

“Everything counts these days, so them taking that into consideration and being intentional about that, it goes a long way,” said Drew Berryhill, owner of Drewtopia. “Having the freedom of running my own business, and being able to create and work with plants is a dream come true.”

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