How Bored Do You Have To Be Watch LeBron Eat At A Restaurant?

I don’t care how empty your schedule might be on a random Friday in early August, for the mast majority of people, we would still be too busy to stand across the street from a restaurant and watch LeBron James eat.

Apparently, these people had nothing better to do.

The Los Angeles Lakers star decided to eat al fresco — although let’s just call it what it is; he was eating outside — and some folks decided to stop in and have a look-see.

I’ve never seen a group of people with less going on. I understand if you’re walking past the restaurant and you go, “Holy, crap; that’s LeBron,” but then you keep walking.

What you don’t do is stand across the street and stare like these psychos with empty calendars.

I can’t figure out what they’re waiting for. Are they trying to see how LeBron butters his bread? How many creamers he dumps in his coffee?

Who cares?!

I’m trying to think if there are any celebrities who I would watch have a meal from across the street. With the possible exception of Kate Beckinsale (not in a creepy way, just as someone with an appreciation for cinema), the answer is a resounding, unequivocal no.

Unless, you’re a paparazzo trying to snap a photo of LeBron dropping a spoonful of lobster bisque on his shirt to then sell for a ton of money, keep it moving.

One thing to note is how LeBron clearly wanted to be seen. He’s arguably the most famous athlete in the world and he couldn’t have picked a more visible table. That, plus the security guy pacing out front will make any bored dope stop and take a look.

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