How Old Is Your Hotel’s Mattress?

How Old Is Your Hotel’s Mattress?

Hotel mattress lifespans vary, based on the caliber of hotel, the quality of the mattresses purchased, and occupancy of the property. Hotels that are full every night wear out mattresses more frequently! And better hotels will change them more often.

So you’ll find some hotels with replacement schedules that range every three to five years on the one hand, to hotels that will stretch out mattress life closer to ten to squeeze out savings.

You’re simply not going to get a quality night sleep on a mattress that’s been used every night, by different people, for over ten years. They’ll develop bumps and pockets, and guests will complain – no matter how many times mattresses are flipped and rotated (and cleaned, though this often happens just a couple of times per year). Some hotels even keep using ripped and soiled mattresses, but an upper upscale property should not.

The best hotels offer such great mattresses that guests want to buy the exact same thing, as well as the bedding. You probably wouldn’t want to buy this mattress, though.

A reader shares this photo from his bed at the Crowne Plaza Pittsburgh, showing that it was 19 years old.

IHG Hotels promotes the Crowne Plaza Sleep Advantage® but upon looking through the details they don’t mention anything about… the mattresses, where are the foundation on which the rest of sleep is built.

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