Israeli model publicly kicked out of hotel in Egypt

Shay Zenko is arguably one of Israel’s most successful models, yet having posed for Vogue and Victoria’s Secret did not make Egyptians like her. Walla! Celebs learned that Zenko was invited by rapper Travis Scott and his team to accompany him to a concert in Egypt.

The performance itself was canceled, but Zenko, who had already arrived at the location, decided that if she was already there, she would visit tourist sites and make the most of her stay. However, she could not have known that within just a day, her hotel would discover that she was Israeli, and when there was a moment where she was not accompanied by Travis Scott’s staff (which the hotel must respect) – she would be asked to leave the hotel immediately.

She was promptly escorted out of her hotel.

Shay, what happened there?

“I was very stressed and felt really humiliated. In the four years I’ve been [in the spotlight], I’ve never felt antisemitism or faced any problems because I’m Jewish and Israeli. This time it was something different. I left the hotel straight to the airport and caught the only flight there was to Paris, even though I had a photoshoot in Barcelona.” .

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