Need expert advice on planning your next vacation? AI can help.

Consumer Reporter Janice Lieberman has the Real Deal on how artificial intelligence can help plan your getaway.

This summer, there are new features focused and powered by AI to make your life a little bit easier.

One of them, when it comes to travel, is called Bot Think Aboard as your creative ideas partner.

Charity Mhende is a Google technology expert who says the travel industry is using all kinds of Artificial Intelligence to help travelers plan their next vacation.

“Additionally, we have a feature called SgE, or the Search Generative Experience. Now, this is an experimental tool available in search labs,” says Mhende.

SGE is a free Google service that is meant to cut down the time it takes to plan a domestic or international trip.

There are also travel apps like “Roaming Around” and “Wonderplan” that are using AI tools to help users create itineraries as well.

Experts say remember to check the itinerary, hotels, tours and restaurants as AI can also make mistakes. Speaking to a travel agent, or asking friends for help planning a trip is also a great resource.  

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