New immigrant brings a taste of Northern China to Richmond with her popular steamed bun eatery

A new restaurant selling freshly made steamed buns and other Northern Chinese breakfast items has opened its doors at the Yaohan food court and is seeing long lineups since its opening.

Lydia Li, owner of Chinese Baozi Master, told the Richmond News she was the owner of four steamed bun restaurants in Dalian, a city in northern China.

After moving to Canada after the pandemic, she decided to open a steamed bun restaurant here to bring an authentic northern Chinese breakfast menu to people in Richmond.

“Dalian is a tourist city and there are tourists from all over China. My restaurants were very popular there so I knew my food was well-liked by people from different regions,” said Li.

“After coming here, I think there is a need for more authentic Chinese breakfast restaurants, so I opened one myself.”

All the buns are freshly made in-house using “traditional recipes,” according to Li.

In addition to steamed buns, the restaurant also offers other Northern Chinese-style breakfasts including tofu pudding, deep-fried dough sticks, fried buns, soy milk and beef noodles.

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