Tailor-made travel package for snorers paves the way to peaceful couple holidays

Traveling with a snoring companion can, indeed, pose challenges, turning a couple’s pursuit of rejuvenation with time away into an unexpected ordeal. In the confines of home, it’s feasible to orchestrate a sleep arrangement that minimizes the snores’ impact, but the complexity deepens when holidays get in the mix. De Blauwe Vogel, a travel organization from Belgium, has unleashed a pioneer solution that could restore harmony to such snore-plagued getaways, by offering couples a discounted extra room when booking trough the company.

These are people who sleep separately at home and could never travel together. After all, booking two hotel rooms is expensive, and lying awake all night on holiday is obviously no fun.

Trudo Carlies, CEO of De Blauwe Vogel

In the heart of the issue lies the tormenting nocturnal chorus that resonates across 2.5 million Belgian households. With the relentless snoring of one partner generating sleepless nights for the other, experts in the field suggest that the most effective solution is the simplest one – sleeping apart. When going on vacation, transporting this solution to a hotel can signify having to raise the accommodation budget to twice as much, with a need for an extra room.

With this in mind, Trudo Carlies, CEO of De Blauwe Vogel, has come up with the novel concept of a duo of interconnected rooms, equipped with a soundproof door. “For years, we’ve been receiving enquiries from couples with one partner, who is a loud snorer, almost monthly”, said Carlies. This inventive arrangement ensures that partners can indulge in a peaceful slumber without compromising the pleasures of a shared holiday.

This initiative is making its debut through a luxurious escapade to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, scheduled for 19 March 2024, with a stay at the four-star Hyatt Place Dubai Jumeirah. Under typical circumstances, reserving separate rooms would mean doubling the expenditure, but De Blauwe Vogel is injecting a generous pinch of affordability into this equation. Instead, a mere €300 surcharge is levied atop the €1,200 package price.

“You still get a lot of free time in Dubai, to do what you want on your own, but there are also group activities you can take part in as a couple. You also know that every couple includes at least one loud snorer”, added Trudo Carlier.

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