The 5 Best New Hotels in Paris 2023

There’s a lot to say about hotels in Paris these days. The city of lights, love, and luxury has a lot of newness, on top of its already bustling hotel population. And, sure, this is the type of city where you spend your days perusing museums, designer shops, and restaurants—but where will you stay while doing so? While you might not be spending 24/7 in your room, would it even feel like Paris if there wasn’t just a little bit of charm where you sleep?

Up until recently, your internet search might have found you over-the-top, opulent stays at places ranging from iconic classics like Le Meurice and The Ritz to old hostels on the outskirts of the city—but now that’s all changed. Paris has opened its doors to a handful of new hotels in the last few years, and while a lot of them are still over-the-top, there are some in-between options worth bookmarking.

With names entering the game like Bulgari and Chevel Blanc, we’re in a new era of fashion-houses meet overnight stays. And then there are note-worthy newcomers like Hôtel Dame des Arts and Hôtel Madame Reve, offering modern spaces and neighborhood feels while being right in the heart of the city, all without completely emptying your bank account (by Parisian standards, at least).

Whether you’re looking to stay central in the First or Second Arrondissement, you can hit the Seine along the Jardin du Luxembourg before you wait in line at the Louvre. Or, if you’re looking to head down to the Golden Triangle—just a short walk from the Champs-Élysées—these are winners worth booking.

While these aren’t all the new hotels in Paris, these are the ones we personally stayed at, and would again.

hotel dame des arts

Hotel Dame des Arts

Hôtel Dame des Arts

A property that serves style and location, and is one of the most affordable on this list—what’s not to love? Opened in early 2023 in The Six (better known as Saint Germain or the Left Bank, aka Paris’s hottest neighborhood), it’s been one of the bigger openings in the last few years. Why? Simply because of how much it offers. With 109 rooms designed by Raphael Navot showing off unique artistic quirks, there’s more charm that stiff old-school vibes here. That’s accompanied by cool features like a high bed where you can store your luggage underneath to save room, to a gym that looks like it’s from the future. One-third of the hotel’s rooms offer terraces, most of which have views of the Eiffel Tower. It’s one of those places where you open the door and feel ahh, I’m in Paris now. There’s a bar with a DJ on weekend nights, a restaurant with North Pacific inspired food (a rarity in Paris hotels), and a rooftop where even locals wait in line to drink. Our tip: stay here before the price hikes up. But when it does, you can look forward to its sister property, Hôtel des Grands Voyageurs, due to open some time next year. Rooms from approx. $337

hotel madame reve

Hotel Madame Reve

Hôtel Madame Réve

If you’re looking for a down-to-earth neighborhood vibe, we have one that offers just that, while somehow still being right in the middle of the action. Tucked into the First Arrondissement, Hôtel Madame Rêve is all about the feel and the view—right from your bed, that is. There are sixty-three bedrooms and nineteen suites; most wrap around the third floor of this former post office. If you have a room that faces the streets of Paris, you’ll feel the charm immediately. The outer rooms have large, sloped, skylight-like windows that stretch the entirety of the space, making you feel as if you’re amongst the rooftops when you wake up. The inner rooms have you facing the stunning garden with a balcony where you can enjoy your coffee. It’s is a win-win. The best feature is the location, which is central, but with a relaxing vibe. You don’t hear any noise outside, and the second you enter your room you’ll forget you’re in the thick of it all. There’s a Mediterranean restaurant that has an octopus dish you need to try—even the locals flock over for their lunch meetings. It’s the type of scene that gives you the sense you belong there, and by Parisian standards, that’s rare. Rooms from approx. $535

bulgari paris hotel

Bulgari Hotels

The Bulgari

The name requires no introduction. The designer house offers more than just a place to sleep; it’s a complete, immersive experience right in the middle of Paris. From check-in to checkout, you’ll see hints of Italian luxury around every corner, like the large Bulgari luggage-style minibar that greets you upon entering your room. Or the 1,300-square-meter spa, complete with a twenty-five-meter gold-tiled pool that feels like an ancient Roman bath. The rooms are grand, like, bigger than a New York City apartment grand, and offer huge bathrooms and closets to match. The hotel’s restaurant, Il Ristorante by Niko Romito, is the real gem, though. It might be fitted in Parisian decor right down to its custom plates, but taste the tiramisu or white truffle pasta—you’re in Italy now. Everywhere you turn, Bel Paese waits: Italian linens, robes, and Bulgari toiletries en masse. If you can bear to leave it, exit through the front and you’ll find yourself right in the Golden Triangle, where you can find the best shopping, a short walk to the Seine and the Champs-Élysées. All escapes from reality end eventually, right? For a stay you will definitely never forget it, here’s the place to splash out. From approx. $2,000

cheval blanc paris

Cheval Blanc

Cheval Blanc

What the hell do you even say about a place this luxurious? Maybe we should focus on the reaction: Say the name “Cheval Blanc” in casual conversation and watch the heads turn. For those who aren’t turning heads, it’s the newest hotel to open from LVMH group. And in pure luxury designer style, there is no piece of luxury or dollar spared on its design or your experience. You’ll find Europe’s longest indoor pool (with a mirror above the entirety), plus fishbowl-style windows that stare right out at the Seine (your balcony also makes a perfect spot for breakfast!). It doesn’t stop there, though. You’ll also find things like a custom scent, plus candles and soaps, a Dior spa, an in-room steam shower, and, of course slippers and a robe worthy of wearing longer than just post-shower. This is the ultimate splurge-worthy, honeymoon-style vacation that you’ll truly never forget. Explore Paris or not; we won’t blame you for staying in. From approx. $2,000

so hotel paris

Gaëlle Le Boulicaut

SO/ Paris

If you know Paris, you know it’s not about how high up you are, but where you are. It’s pretty much impossible to find a building centrally located that goes above nine stories. Enter SO/ Paris. While it’s not the most centrally located on this list, it is just minutes from the trendy Le Marais district, or about a 30-40 minute walk from the Left Bank and Jardin du Luxembourg. So why stay slightly out of the way at the SO/? For the view and a little bit of modern luxury. Standing 14 stories tall, it has one of the best breakfast, dinner, and club views in the entire city. From your room, you’ll watch the lights of the Eiffel Tower all night long, before heading up to breakfast where you enjoy pastries overlooking the Seine. Beyond the view, the interior design is colorful and futuristic. Designed by architecture firm RDAI, who also designs some of Hermes’s most iconic stores; you can feel the fashion inspirations throughout. Competitive with other mid-range level prices, you might have to go for a walk, but you get more square-footage for your buck and a view. From approx. $550

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