The Next Chapter of Coupon’s Scaling | by Akshat Pandey | Myntra Engineering | Aug, 2023

Akshat Pandey
Myntra Engineering

Myntra’s coupon platform is the powerhouse behind creating, distributing, and serving personalized and generic coupons to customers for their orders. We serve the best coupon on Product Display Page calls with one product, as the platform scales and supporting coupons on list pages with tens of products in a single call become essential, the need to revolutionize the coupon system design is imminent. Previously, such requirements were not even thought of as feasible. To keep up with the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape and even increasing scale requirements, the coupon platform must etch the next chapter in its evolution journey.

Current Flow for Coupons on Product Display Page
  • PDP — Product Display Page
  • PLP — Product List Page
  • HRD days — High Revenue Days during which marquee sales are held
  • Generic Coupons — A type of coupon that is valid and can be applied by any customer on the platform
  • CouponBase — All of the coupon configurations related to a specific coupon in the system
  • Global usage — The number of times the coupon has been used globally by all users on the platform
  • User Usage — The number of times the coupon has been used by a particular user on the platform
  • Master Template ID — A unique key to differentiate coupons construct

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