Veggie Grill’s Newest Location in NYC 4 Vegan Restaurants in One

This week, vegan fast-casual chain Veggie Grill It will open its second location in New York City in the downtown neighborhood of Manhattan. At its new location, the chain will offer a wide variety of plant-based dishes from its four existing concepts, including Veggie Grill, Más Veggies, Stand-Up Burgers, and Vegan Bowls for All – these concepts have been launched under one roof for the first time.

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The menu here is the BLT Avocado Croissant (crushed avocado served with crispy vegan bacon, lettuce, sliced ​​tomatoes, Dijonnaise, and a flaky croissant roll); Japanese Katsu Sliders (deliciously crispy fried Impossible mini burger patties, sesame aioli topped with pickled vegetables, fresh herbs and steamed bao buns); and the VG Burger (a Beyond burger patty topped with American cheese, special sauce, lettuce, tomato, pickles and onions on a brioche bun).

The dynamic menu will also feature Korean Kimchi Beef Bowls, Crispy Baja Fish Tacos, and freshly baked carrot cake for dessert.

Veggie Grill Co-Founder and TK President, “After launching each of the brands, we realized that they could all stand under the Veggie Grill halo given the trust Veggie Grill has built around delivering the best of the plant-based world.” Pillan tells VegNews.

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The new downtown NYC outpost will have a grand opening from today until Dec. 18 with specials, gift cards, BOGO shakes, free starters, and other surprises.

On the menu at Veggie Grill’s newest location

The first Veggie Grill location opened in Irvine, CA in 2006, where it was a novelty in a world that had yet to embrace vegan burgers, fries, and shakes. plant-based fast food.

Fast forward to the present and Veggie Grill has spent the last two years developing different concepts to make plant-based food exciting for new consumers. plant-based nutrition During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In January 2021, the chain launched its vegan taco shop concept. more vegetables. Here, the menu is filled with tacos, burritos, bowls, and nachos that come with vegan protein options like Crispy Poblano Chickin’, Shredded Jackfruit Chipotle Carnitas, Cauliflower Asada, Savory Tex-Mex Taco Meat, and Crispy Baja Fish.

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In March 2021, vegan burger shop Stand-Up Burgers opened its first branch in Berkeley, CA. The OG burger (impossible meatballs on vegan brioche bun with Miyoko’s Creamery cheddar, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles and special sauce) and Save the Animal style fries (vegan version of In-n-Out’s famous french fries) with special sauce and grilled onions.

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In August of this year, Veggie Grill launched Vegan Bowls for All, a delivery-only concept that operates out of the kitchen at all of its locations. The menu here revolves around six nutrient-packed bowls: Cali-Grains Bowl, Korean Kimchi Bowl, Chickpea Curry Bowl, Thai Coconut Curry Bowl, Harvest Bowl, and Ranchero Bowl.

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Veggie Grill opened its other NYC outpost in the Flatiron neighborhood in 2019—just after its first East Coast expansion, Cambridge, MA location in the same year. Combining all of these concepts under one roof, NYC’s new downtown location – its 35th outpost to date – is a true vegan foodie destination for busy New Yorkers.

Veggie Grill’s vegan food empire

After working for 16 years fast-casual vegan food conceptPillan has witnessed the growth of plant-based options in major metropolitan cities, but says some areas are just starting to jump ship.

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“In major metropolitan cities like New York City and Los Angeles, it’s day and night from the moment we launch. Now you can drive or walk a short distance and eat a good plant-based meal,” she says. “In some small cities, it is just starting to penetrate. These cities only have a few plant-based concepts, similar to what the landscape looked like when we first opened it in Los Angeles.”

After its new location in downtown NYC, Veggie Grill aims to open additional outposts to continue spreading its plant-based message across the country. “Depending on where the market is located, we are now ready to expand across the country in areas where plant-based options are not so easily accessible,” says Pillan.

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The chain is also launching a franchise program to further expand its reach with like-minded partners in cities including New York, Boston, Washington, DC, Miami, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, Denver, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, and Albuquerque. .

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