Wayne Stabiler donates ownership of five restaurants to management team

16-oz. smoked prime rib with potato at Stab’s in Central (File photo)

Baton Rouge restaurateur Wayne Stabiler and his wife, Luci, have donated full ownership of five of their local restaurants to members of the management team. 

The transfer of ownership has been underway for the past four months and became effective Aug. 1, says Kevin Kimball, who was previously director of operations for Wayne Stabiler Companies. 

Stabiler donated ownership rights to Stab’s Prime Steak and Seafood on Jefferson Highway, Stab’s Steak and Seafood in Central, both locations of The Little Village, and Sammy’s Bar and Grill. Stabiler will retain ownership of Palermo Ristorante on Jefferson Highway in the Bocage area.

The move will allow Stabiler to spend more time with his grandchildren, says Kimball, who was named a part co-owner of the five restaurants. 

“This is over and above what any of us could have ever dreamed of,” Kimball says. “They have changed our lives and we are extremely humbled, amazed and will be forever grateful for their tremendous generosity.”

The restaurants will be independently owned and will not operate under the umbrella of a single ownership group. While the new owners have “a lot of plans for the market” in the future, they are not ready to elaborate on the details at this time, Kimball says. 

The new owners are:

  • Stab’s Prime Steak and Seafood on Jefferson Highway: Kevin Kimball, Leo Verde and Dori Murvin.
  • Stab’s Steak and Seafood in Central: David Rine and Kevin Kimball.
  • The Little Village, both locations: Hugh Freeze and Kevin Kimball.
  • Sammy’s Bar and Grill: Joey Faciane, Kevin Kimball, Jeremy Webber, Dondi McNulty and Fritz Carville.

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